Traditional Whole Hog Roast


The classic party piece, nothing attracts a crowd like a whole hog on a spit with beautiful crispy crackling and all the trimmings.

Slow cooked pork with crackling, home-made apple sauce with cider, home-made stuffing and soft white rolls.

Optional extras include coleslaw, jacket potatoes, corn on the cob, potato salad, green salad and cons-cous salad, all home-made of course.

Prices start from £6.50 a head

Minimum 100 people

Classic buffets


The easy and stress free way of feeding a lot of people at a reasonable price. From the standard buffet fayre to a more gourmet approach we are happy to design a menu around you.

Hot and spicy chicken wings, honey sausages, sandwiches, salads, home-made dips, antipasti plates and more.

Works great alongside the classic hog roast for large events/weddings.

Starting from £6 a head, minimum 50 people.

Gourmet Burger Bar


Using our knowledge of BBQ food and our quest for the ultimate burger we offer the greedy pig burger bar.

Hand-made beef burgers, BBQ pulled pork or spiced chicken breast flame grilled on the BBQ.

Brioche buns, crisp salad and slaw.

Give your guests a meal to remember with greedy burgers all round, no one will go home hungry thats for sure.

Prices start from £6.50 a head

Minimum 50 People



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